There is a writer, Vladimir Grjonko. Why does his writing work? Let's begin with the fact that Vladimir is a very intelligent person, but that's not the only reason. He has an innate, genuine sense of humor. I can clearly see all his vulnerability, tragic nature and inherent defenselessness that make him swing at the bully. But at the same time, it seems that a very wise old man is hiding behind his writing, the one who can - with an unexpected word or an unusual angle - crank down the pathos and see some melancholic humor in the most seemingly counter-humorous situation. Say he writes about a real tragedy - what could be more horrible than a war or a pogrom? And yet his characters live like normal people, with no hand-wringing or jumping off the bridge. And with all that, the moment when uncle Leva is crawling toward the Red Sea strikes one into the marrow. In my opinion, writer Vladimir Grjonko just LOVES PEOPLE. They interest him. And that makes his prose beautiful and will get him a lot of readers.