DOB - 06.29.60

I have begun writing at an early age. My first play was staged in 1974 in the Baku Puppet Theater (Azerbaidzhan).

Later, in 1988 I had organized a professional theater in Saint-Petersburg (Russia), where I had directed a number of my plays. Simultaneously, I wrote short stories and screen plays.

In 1990 I moved to New York City, where circumstances temporarily prevented me from writing. Only in 2001 I was able to materialized one of my ideas in the form of novel. Novel "The Building" was published in April of 2003 in Russia by "Limbus Press" of St. Petersburg (hardcover).

My second novel, under the title of "The Wedding" was finished in 2002 and was published in April of 2004 by "Amphora" Publishers, St. Petersburg, Russia (hardcover).

My third novel "A Doorway For The Butterfly" was published in August of 2007 by "Fluid" Publishing House, Moscow, Russia (hardcover).

The collected stories "To the City & to the World" were published by "Lenizdat" Publishing House & "RuFilms", St. Petersburg, Russia in June of 2008 (hardcover).

My fourth novel "Groundhog Times" was published in March of 2018 by "The New Review" Literary Magazine, New York, US.

By this time I have written about one hundred short stories for the New York newspapers, magazines "Metro" and "VSE", a number of essays, commercial articles, twenty one scripts for a popular radio sitcom on the New York radio station, "VSE" (87.7 FM) and ten scripts for a commercial radio sitcom.

I worked as an Editor-in-Chief of the "Metro" magazine in 2007-2008, as a Programming Director of "Davidzon Radio" (620 AM) in 2011-2012. Since November 2013 I work as a Communication Associate for New York State Assembly.

In 2020 I became a winner of New York Mark Aldanov Literary Award. My "Skvorlin's Tales" won the first prize in the contest and was published in December of 2020 by "The New Review" Literary Magazine.